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If Your FDCPA Rights Have Been Violated by a Collector 
Let Alex Simanovsky & Associates LLC Help You.

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FDCPA Violations
Frequently Asked Questions:


1. What is the FDCPA?

A. The FDCPA (Known as, The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act) is law passed in 1977 that regulates how Debt Collectors can collect a debt. It contains a list of "Prohibited Conduct" that can prevent a collector from harassing you and your family.


2. I think my rights under the FDCPA have been violated, so what should I do?

A. Give us a call:                                             or fill our the form and tell us what's happening in your case. We'll respond immediately and get right to work.


3. What constitutes as a violation of the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act? (FDCPA)

Debt collectors may not:

  • Use threats of violence or harm against the person, property, or reputation
  • Publish a list of consumers who refuse to pay their debts
  • Use obscene or profane language
  • Repeatedly call on the telephone to annoy and without identifying themselves
  • Advertise your debt
  • Falsely imply that they are attorneys or government representatives;
  • Falsely imply that you have committed a crime
  • Falsely represent that they operate or work for a credit bureau


If Your FDCPA Rights Have Been Violated by a Collector
Let Alex Simanovsky & Associates LLC Help You.

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